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How to activate pre installed McAfee software on Windows

McAfee software on Windows

McAfee is your real-time protection when it comes to combating the varying forms of attacks that try to penetrate your systems. It’s not a wise thing to act ignorant of the prevailing threats in today’s world. From impersonating real service providers to hampering your personal and sensitive information, the intrusion into your systems can prove costly for the regular execution of your crucial tasks.

As technology advances every day, the systems are now more vulnerable to external threats. It’s not just technology that is evolving in a better way; the crimes against it are also maintaining pace. As we already know and understand, with every convenience and advancement comes the vulnerability associated with its very benefits. So you shouldn’t be inconsiderate of things like these that can somehow compromise the security of your systems. Today, for most of our daily and basic activities, we operate from the comfort of our systems, and leaving your most personal and important details open to such threats is quite irrational and unwise.

What is McAfee?

The user-friendly McAfee antivirus programme can provide you with real-time protection against almost any kind of threat. Its built-in firewall security filters all data, both entering and leaving the system. After that, the traffic is checked to see if it violates any of the programme’s rules or is allowed to continue based only on its legitimacy.

In this blog, we will understand how to update or activate pre-installed McAfee software on windows. McAfee offers protection from malicious websites that try to jeopardise the security of your computer networks. Because spyware is what hackers are attempting to put into your system to get around it, you need strong protection. The product is available for offline or online purchases at Consider the following steps for activating pre-installed McAfee software on your windows:

  • Open the pre-installed McAfee software on your system. For upgraded features, you can also update the software.
  • Sign up for your McAfee account. If you don’t have an account already, create one with a valid email ID and password.
  • To activate your product subscription, enter the activation code at found on your product card.
  • Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.
  • To check on the activation, wait for the confirmation message. You will be receiving a confirmation message following the successful activation of the software on windows.
  • As already mentioned above, updating the software will result in improved functionality.
  • Restart the system to begin with a fresh and updated version of the software.


It is a necessity nowadays to get your systems real-time protection that gives you the most recent updates and notifications regarding threats the moment they try to penetrate your systems. Plus, firewall protection is above everything that, in the very first place, differentiates good traffic from suspicious traffic. So get your systems updated with McAfee protection now and enjoy safe browsing or online presence without the fear of falling victim to such possible threats.

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